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Dynamic content keeps your guests, clients, and employees engaged.

It has never before been easier to customize your message and target the good crowd. Displaying the right information in an impactful way only takes a few drag-and-drops of the right images and videos from your phone to a media playlist or just connecting your company’s Instagram account and letting the good content stream.

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Digital signage reduces your costs.

Whether it brings dynamic wayfinding at a hotel’s conference center or acts as a retail screen behind a shop window, digital signage can serve multiple functions at different times. Besides, when connected to external sources of information like Office 365, G-Suite, or social media, the screen content updates on its own, reflecting your day to day activities. Such a streamlined interconnected system is easy to put in place, facilitates decision-making and eliminates disproportionate printed signage costs.

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Digital signage elevates your branding and presents monetizing opportunities.

Tailored brand messages or illustrative graphics can be used to raise brand awareness. Also, with third-party advertising, you can monetize your digital signage board by giving the option to bid for the signage space to promote a product or brand that shares your values.

The Traders’ Union of Milan is an excellent example of this. They use the digital signage solution installed throughout Palazzo Castiglioni – their conference center – to promote the brand, help visitors with wayfinding, and at the same, to place third-party paid advertising.

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Increase the value of your communication with digital signage.

Technology in the face of dynamic digital content is upping the game of personalized consumer experiences. Whether you are in a supermarket, at a car dealership, or on a cruise ship, self-acting display content controlled by sensors or data flows improves the point of contact with your customers.

For example, the Paradise Casino in Yuma, Arizona uses their digital signage installation to deliver unmatched guest experiences in the middle of the desert at a touch of a button.

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Digital signage makes you and your team more productive.

Overcoming information overload in the modern workplace and eliminating counterproductive practices like the overuse of email has brought the spotlight on digital signage as a relevant internal communication tool. Moreover, with modern workplaces becoming less centralized, the importance of making internal communication more accessible to remote teams has grown.

Digital signage has the power and scalability to provide a valuable communication lifeline uniting employees throughout dispersed workplaces. It seamlessly and securely plugs in the very tools your employees use daily such as Excel spreadsheets and Outlook calendars in order to bring on display, and in real-time, the information that is most relevant for your team to succeed.

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video wall at reception of time inc. headquarters new york

Corporate enterprise

Scalability is crucial in digital signage for big business. At corporate campuses, office buildings, and other office areas, a corporate digital signage installation must almost always be designed to serve multiple functions across multiple locations. Internal sources of information coming from calendars, spreadsheets and other Office 365 platforms like Yammer automatically feed valuable content to displays and create a nurturing environment for discussion and decision-making.

See how Vodafone streamlined visual communication at their campus in Düsseldorf: from meeting-room scheduling displays at the conference zone to digital menu boards in the canteen, to the large LED screen with the Vodafone logo on top of the office building.

soboba resort food court with spinetix digital menu boards


For hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, tourist offices, camping parks, golf clubs, resorts and any other hospitality establishment, digital signage for hospitality can take many forms and functions.

Take for example, Azimut, a 4-star business hotel at the heart of Moscow. The hotel streamlines visual communication with visitors and guests on multiple levels – from reception welcome screens to informational displays installed in elevators, to digital menu boards and live sports streaming at the hotel’s food and beverage outlets.

digital signage screens at a school


Want to convey important information to children and students? Speak to them in their digital language and redefine the way your message is delivered. From class schedules, alert and evacuation messages to transportation timetables, and cafeteria menus – anything can be communicated in an engaging way on screen.

Digital signage for education is used all around the world by students, teachers and parents alike in kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, university campuses, corporate training centers, and any other educational facility.

videowall at the swiss tech convention centre in lausanne switzerland

Events, sports, and entertainment

Digital signage for events and entertainment comes in many shapes and sizes. From dynamic wayfinding that guides guests across spaces whose configuration changes all the time, to emergency messages that ensure your audience safety, to paid advertising spots on large external displays, to social-media video walls attracting visitors to your event.

digital signage dashboard on a spinetix video wall

Production and industrial sites

In an industrial setting, digital signage helps bring information closer to employees who don’t have immediate access to mainstream communication means and tools like email and a laptop. Digital signage for warehouses, production and industrial sites offer a powerful tool to broadcast information in real time to the right employees. It is a great tool to optimize processes, improve productivity, quality and security by giving people the right information at the right time.

sony stores usa equipped with retail digital signage


Digital signage has found a true sanctuary in retail with the broadest range of applications and uses; from showrooms, supermarkets, shopping malls, duty-free areas, and gas stations to real estate agencies and car repair centers.

70% of customer’s buying decision-making happens at point of sale. Among the myriad of choices in today’s consumer society, it has never before been as important to stand out from the competition. A bright shop-window display or an in-store interactive wall help sell smarter and better. Digital signage for retail provides an engaging and entertaining visual medium for promoting products and services.

digital signage with queue management from ESII in Swiss public office

Institutions and government

Digital signage for government is applicable to public services, administration, political institutions, NGOs, government agencies, military, police force, fire departments, libraries, courtrooms, and other organizations serving the public.

Digital signage for the public sector is often integrated with queue management systems and

spinetix digital signage solution at port canaveral florida


Flight information display systems (FIDS) were one of the early predecessors of modern digital signage. Digital displays installed at airports and train stations reduce perceived waiting times and provide useful information for journey connections. But this is only a small part of the mission of digital signage for transportation.

From public transportation hubs, city buses and

vidant health center with digital signage solution from spinetix


The footprint of digital signage in healthcare institutions like medical practices, veterinarians, dentists, opticians, clinics, hospitals, and labs is rapidly growing. Healthcare signage serves various functions like welcoming patients at the reception, reducing perceived waiting time, or serving medical professionals with visual aids when communicating with patients and family.

See how IMED, a large hospital in Valencia, Spain uses digital signage every day to create a supportive environment for patients and doctors alike and to focus on care.

spinetix video wall at the tel aviv stock exchange

Banks and financial services

For the past five years, digitalization has been a buzz word in banking. Interactive kiosks that connect clients with their online banking accounts are becoming increasingly widespread. Digital displays and video walls with exchange rate feeds, stock listings and other financial information provide real-time information to clients and professionals who expect top-notch security, reliability and reactivity.

See for example how the oldest and largest regional bank in Austria, HYPO NOE, embarked on a journey of digitalization by integrating digital signage at the heart of its transformative strategy.

smart city LED digital signage installation in astana kazakhstan

Smart city digital signage

The digital transformation of buildings and cities makes infrastructure more reliable, efficient and connected. Big data is a great opportunity for cities and organizations to become more agile and better manage resources and activities. Digital signage takes center stage in this digital transformation helping cities and buildings go ‘smart’.

From interactive room reservation solutions at your office, to intelligent road-sign systems

Whether it is from a technology or channel perspective, we encourage our partners to create their own added value through services. On average, 41% of margin in digital signage projects is generated from services. Years of experience have taught us that services deliver real value to the end user from A to Z. In addition, services help you increase revenue opportunities at every level in your offering.

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