spinetix channel partners
We have been developing a close relationship with the SpinetiX team over the years. Either it is a technical or a commercial inquiry we get always great support helping us growing our Digital Signage business. We are proud to be part of the SpinetiX ecosystem as Certified Gold Dealer.
Christophe Loup
Co-Founder Ecran Double (Geneva, Switzerland)

Available to any company willing to sell SpinetiX professional digital signage products and services.

At this level, requirements are minimal and SpinetiX offers a number of basic benefits to help get you off to a highly successful start.

Available to resellers willing to invest in a professional digital signage business with SpinetiX.

At this level, Authorized Dealers have complied with some standard requirements and get competitive benefits in line with their commitment to SpinetiX.

The first level of SpinetiX Certification Program.

Resellers having demonstrated steady business performances as well as a solid level of expertise can qualify for the status and get its related benefits. Certified Silver Dealers are selling the complete SpinetiX product portfolio.

The ultimate level of SpinetiX Certification Program.

Resellers who qualify for the status and privileges of this category, have completed the Digital Signage Academy training program and demonstrated exceptional business performances, support and technical expertise. Such resellers act as true Ambassadors of the SpinetiX brand and have proven their ability to meet the most challenging end customer requirements.

SpinetiX dealer resources.

spinetix dealer resources


Browse through a collection of powerful demo content, sales presentations, and resources for your website to introduce your customers to the world of digital signage by SpinetiX.



Become a partner.

Whether you are looking to start your own Digital Signage business, grow an existing one, or take your company in a new direction with Digital Signage, SpinetiX has more than just innovative solutions. We have an ecosystem of knowledgeable partners who will work with you every step of the way.

Service providers.

Discover a list of SpinetiX partners trusted for their expertise in providing services specifically related to SpinetiX products.

Technology partners.

We always develop our solutions with open standards to encourage the added value creation from our partners. The integration of SpinetiX solutions with 3rd party technologies becomes easy and makes your difference.