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An ecosystem of channel partners at your service.

SpinetiX distributes its solutions worldwide through a two-tier indirect sales model. Our distributors do not simply supply our solutions where a reseller needs it. They also educate resellers, keep them up-to-date with the latest product news and work closely with them to bring complete solutions together for their end customers.

The SpinetiX resellers guarantee the best quality and support delivered to the end customer. Thanks to our Channel Partner Program and our Digital Signage Academy our knowledgeable resellers can meet the most challenging end customer requirements.

At SpinetiX we make the deployment process seamless between our distributors, our resellers and the end customers.

Become a partner.

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Whether you are looking to start your own Digital Signage business, grow an existing one, or take your company in a new direction with Digital Signage, SpinetiX has more than just innovative solutions. We have an ecosystem of knowledgeable partners who will work with you every step of the way.