Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Digital Signage for Banks and Financial Services

Capture tomorrow’s opportunities.

For trading floors, stock exchanges, banking and insurance desks, headquarters, mortgage offices, accountants, cash desks, brokers and other financial services institutions.

You provide daily services to clients who expect top-notch reliability, security and reactivity. SpinetiX can help you transpire an image of quality to your agencies and clients’ desks but also to your employees. Digital signage helps you to achieve continuity between your online and desk services. You can also display real-time feeds such as stock listings or exchange rates along with any other information you want to share with your clients.

An agency of the Banque internationale in Luxemburg

Better respond to your clients’ expectations.

“With SpinetiX digital signage solution, we can launch new products with a better time to market and more efficient cross-channel campaigns. Now, we can broadcast a new campaign in all our agencies in different languages according to their location. Previously, it required two weeks with previous printed materials.”
Bank head of marketing, Luxemburg

Manulife corporate screen

Take all your employees on board.

“The screens installed across the building display our WebTV videos. Thanks to this, I am much more aware of the communication we issue to our clients and I relate more to the values of the company. I think our videos are relevant and inspiring and I am proud to be part of it. Screens also display practical information such as weather, transportation schedules and real-time traffic in the area, which is so convenient.”
Insurance company employee, Canada

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange welcome screen

Impress visitors.

“We have used our SpinetiX video wall for years now. The regular screen shows major listed companies and index ratings, the current time at international stock exchanges around the globe and our corporate video. Thanks to the multi-layer content, I can easily customize the screen when we house events or welcome special guests. Guests are always impressed to see their logo on this gigantic screen; they feel special. Content is so easy to change in Elementi that it never takes more than a few minutes and it always looks sharp.”
Communication project manager at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel

Our references at a glance.

Thanks to our ecosystem of partners and distributors, we empower hundreds of financial-service companies around the globe from cash desks to trading floors.

HYPO NOE Bank - Austria

The largest and oldest regional bank of Austria chose SpinetiX to streamline communicating to clients about its products and services. 

Learn how SpinetiX technology lies at the heart of HYPO NOE's transformative strategy of digitalization.

Manulife - Canada

Manulife, a leading financial services group in Canada, broadcasts corporate content in their headquarters fed with their commercial videos and communication. Thanks to multi-layer content creation, the message is quick and easy to adapt and looks appealing and professional.

Tel Aviv stock exchange - Israel

A great video wall welcomes visitors at the Tel Aviv stock exchange displaying all iconic information regarding global markets in real time. Content is customized for special events and guests.

Reliability, performance, and ease of use were key when selecting the SpinetiX solution.
Bernd Jüptner
HYPO NOE Landesbank für Niederösterreich und Wien AG
totem with useful bank customer information on display powered by spinetix technology

Reliability, performance, ease of use.

“The great challenge we faced was finding a digital signage solution where content creation and distribution are easy in combination with a reliable system which performs 24/7,” says Bernd Jüptner, marketing at HYPO NOE, “Reliability, performance, and ease of use were, therefore, key when selecting the SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage solution.”

The installation currently includes 13 strategically placed digital screens powered by SpinetiX HMP350 players. Product-and-service information across 5 branches and the bank’s headquarters is easily created and updated with Elementi digital signage software from a centralized location. 

The installer of the project is SpinetiX Authorized Dealer for Austria Trust-Projects

International Finance Centre – China

Goldman Sachs - USA

Allianz Global Investors - Germany

Manulife - Canada

Banco del Stato Ticino - Switzerland

Monabanq - France

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Reale Mutua - Italy

Clientis Zurich - Switzerland

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange - Israel

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