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Digital signage turns your data into valuable insights.

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Data-driven digital signage is a powerful tool for companies of all sizes to leverage their data, and in the process, increase sales, efficiency, and productivity. Digital signage costs less than traditional signs and data you show on the screen can change as often as you want it to.

As a store owner, you may manage pricing in Excel. If you run a gym, you are probably already using a spreadsheet to keep track of classes. Did you know that changes you make in your Excel or Google sheet to prices, item names or class availability can instantly appear on your digital signage screen for your customers to see? 

Spreadsheets are the ideal source of dynamic data-driven digital signage content that your business needs today. 

Bring your data to life.
Elementi spreadsheet widgets.

Spreadsheet widgets are a set of powerful digital components designed to display live data that auto-updates. 

Integrated into our Elementi software are 250 widgets, more than a dozen of which are designed to work with your everyday spreadsheet tools – from CSV files and the offline version of Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets and Excel Online. Elementi widgets are available right from the start, included in your software package.

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spreadsheet used for digital menu board with spinetix technology

Limitless applications.

From digital menu boards and wayfinding to welcome screens and announcement boards - the Elementi spreadsheet widgets are designed to work for your organization - be it a startup or a large corporation - regardless of what industry you are in.

Discover how you can put your spreadsheet widget to use at best. The possibilities are limitless. 

digital menu board powered by elementi spreadsheet widgets

A digital menu board for your coffee shop or restaurant.

The menu spreadsheet widget in Elementi is your fast-track to creating dynamic and engaging menu boards. The benefits of a digital menu board far outweigh the costs of getting it in place:

  • Dynamically changing imagery and video grabs the attention of your customers in an effective way.
  • As content can be changed as often as you want, you can experiment and compare its efficacy at shorter intervals.
  • Virtually any employee can update menu items and prices at a moment’s notice and from anywhere.
  • No more print. Saves you a ton of money when you need to apply a change due to a typo or a price change.
welcome screen at a garage powered by spinetix technology

A welcome screen for your business.

A welcome screen complete with a spreadsheet widget is an efficiency powerhouse. Take for example an Elementi spreadsheet widget that connects to the database containing customer appointments at a local garage:

  • Customers feel welcome and taken care of right from the time they enter your establishment.
  • As on-screen appointment information auto-updates, the time it takes your mechanics to receive customers is greatly optimized.
  • This reduces the time your customers spend waiting in line.
  • Your car mechanics are empowered by having vital appointment information on the spot.
  • Screen content is always up-to-date as new appointments are added to the workshop's spreadsheet.
wayfinding screen for events with spreadsheet widget

Wayfinding at your event.

Digital wayfinding has become one of the easiest and most efficient ways to direct people around your venue. Static signs have long been falling out of fashion. Why? Because they mess up the paint job and can be costly to adapt to unexpected changes. Digital screens are a much simpler way to create signage and in the long-run, often end up being much cheaper too. The benefits of using Elementi's wayfinding spreadsheet widget are clear:

  • No more confusion – when meetings are relocated, on-the-go location updates appear instantly on the screen.
  • Your visitor's experience is greatly improved by reducing frustration so people are more likely to return.
  • Little to no requirement for event staff to help direct visitors.
  • All this translates into more punctual staff and guests.
  • Considerable cost savings when compared to static wayfinding. 
spinetix opening hours widget in a spa environment

Announcement boards for your spa and gym.

Displaying your data effectively in a wellness or a healthcare context can optimize administration, and better promote healthy living. Spreadsheet widgets come in handy to put in place anything from a simple opening-hours display, to elaborate wayfinding boards and interactive yoga class sign-up screens. Using digital signage and Elementi spreadsheet widgets makes a difference:

  • On-screen content is linked to information in your spreadsheets. All it takes to keep screen content up-to-date is adding or changing information in your everyday tools.
  • Dynamic on-screen content helps you show information that counts most to your guests without overloading them.
  • Guiding your guests to your facilities right from when they enter your establishment has never been easier and more effective.
  • Staff spends less time answering questions relating to gym class availability or wayfinding.
  • Announcing changes such as holiday-season opening hours doesn't involve printing and, therefore, saves you a great deal of resources you can spend elsewhere. 

Step 1: Get Elementi.

Click on the Download button below.

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Step 2: Open Elementi.

On the main window, click on the "Widgets" tab.

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Step 3: Pick a widget.

Scroll down and open the "Spreadsheets" folder.

widget folders in elementi

Step 4: Put it on display.

Finish it off by following the video tutorial here.

elementi spreadsheet widget on a welcome screen at a car repair shop
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