microsoft yammer on laptop vs on a digital display in office

A redefined workplace calls for more effective collaboration.

You must already use applications like Microsoft® Yammer and the wider Office 365 toolset. And if you don't, you should. 

Yammer is designed to offer to geographically dispersed employees a much needed virtual platform designed for collaboration. And while change is great, it can often result in a lot of communication falling between the cracks – a missed idea, a missed business opportunity.

An overflowing inbox and a widening multi-app environment don’t help.

Amplify your internal communication efforts
with the power of visual.

microsoft yammer feed on digital signage display


Digital signage is a powerful visual communication channel that plugs in right at the heart of modern workplace transformation.

SpinetiX brings information to employees using digital signage. Large, easy to read screens display real-time information from your everyday collaboration tools that is relevant to the mass internal audience.

Put these screens in well-trafficked locations, and suddenly you have a common canvas of useful info that is difficult to miss.


common office area with yammer screen

Common office areas

  • A bright screen displaying real-time information from Yammer keeps the conversation going and provides fertile ground for ideas to grow and turn into business opportunities, no matter how far the head office is.
  • A streamlined highly visible information flow creates opportunities for more cross-functional conversations on the go.
  • It’s all about 'conversations' that workers are accustomed to as relevant content appears directly on screen. There is no time spent on navigating and searching within apps on devices.
logistics center with yammer digital display

Remote work areas

  • A digital display connected to information from tools your employees use daily amplifies in real-time your internal communication – no matter how far they are from the head office.
  • It's no longer tough to figure out where to turn for information and help.
  • The digital display is a window to your company culture that employees at even remote sites see daily.
  • Digital signage also helps drive visibility to the platform and reach people who would otherwise never open Yammer.
meeting space with yammer display

Meeting areas

  • Ideas and feedback from across the company are visible and explored by employees - including ones who don’t usually work together.
  • Displaying such information on a digital screen at the right location is a simple idea but really gives a window into the backdrop of your remote colleagues’ working day.
  • It also helps you nurture discussion by bringing the context of Yammer on screen.
head office with yammer screen

Head office

  • Employees are always taking pictures with their phones, of them, client visits, their teams. Through digital signage, all that image content is sequenced and published to the whole company. Built-in tools within Yammer provide for moderation if desired.
  • Digital signage together with photos and posts from Yammer help you showcase internal innovation and achievement from across your organization and build on the work of others.

Step 1: Download Elementi.

Click on the Download button below.

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Step 2: Install it on your PC.

Watch the video below to learn how to install and activate Elementi.

download, install, and activate spinetix elementi

Step 3: Create your Yammer screen.

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to create your Yammer project in Elementi.

download, install, and activate spinetix elementi

Step 4: Put it on display.

See more tips on our Wiki.

elementi yammer widgets on display throughout the corporate office
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