Soboba Casino food court digital signage

Hospitality Digital Signage Success Stories

Make your guests feel special.

For hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, tourist offices, camping parks, golf clubs, SPA and beauty farms, resorts and other hospitality establishments.

Accommodation facilities, restaurants and other tourist-oriented businesses welcome their guests and provide key services for leisure or business travel. Thanks to the SpinetiX easy-to-use and collaborative solution, you have the power to give your guests real-time information relevant to their stay. Make your guests feel that much more special!

Success stories at a glance.

From Le Méridien Hotel in the French Riviera to the famous archeological site of Petra in Jordan, we support hundreds of tourism and hospitality facilities around the globe with their digital transformation. From independent hotels to worldwide restaurant chains, we are able to support you thanks to our ecosystem of partners and distributors.

Millennium Smart Building Switzerland

Millennium is a premier destination, a unique meeting place for companies in Switzerland, and a model for the smartest buildings of tomorrow. The SpinetiX digital signage solution is central to transforming every aspect of Millennium's five-star hospitality experiences and full range of services.

Lake Constance Infotainment Germany

Discover why SpinetiX technology lies at the heart of the infotainment system around Lake Constance - a cross-border region where three countries meet.

Soboba Casino Resort California

The Soboba Casino Resort is a refined establishment that serves as a great example for not only casino digital signage, but also for full-scale hospitality digital signage.

Your benefits.

Novotel Bangkok reception screen

Make your guests' dreams come true.

“Most of the time, clients have the identical questions: what are the best restaurants around the hotel? Can I get a taxi? What is the exchange rate? What should I visit today?... Thanks to Elementi, I created a dynamic presentation once and for all and all such information is now displayed and automatically updated on a screen in the lobby. This way, I can better manage the time I spend with clients having specific requests. It means I can take the time addressing other queries without creating a never-ending line at the reception desk. Guests’ feedback is that they really feel special here.”
Hotel receptionist, Bangkok

Geneva Airport food court

Make your place unique.

“Our restaurant chain is all about fresh food and authentic products. We wanted to share some of the action behind the scenes with our guests because it’s a way to gain more publicity! We decided to install a video wall in each restaurant to show what is happening in the kitchen. We chose the SpinetiX solution because it is easy to install and it just works every day. What I find exciting is that on top of the real-time view of the kitchen we can showcase all our seasonal products, our current offers and specials of the day: and from one place it can be broadcast to all of our restaurants. Guests love to discover how we work in the kitchen. It inspires them and they wish to try immediately what we are currently preparing.”
Owner of a restaurant chain, USA

Saint-Emilion tourist information

Bring your place to life.

“I had a great time today visiting the city and its monuments. I was afraid when we first arrived to the highlight of the tour because the place was crowded and the line to get in seemed so long. But actually, the waiting was very interesting thanks to a large video wall with information and videos explaining the history of the site but also quizzes that got everyone to play together. In the end, it was quite fast and the visit was really worth it, especially with the special introduction we had had first.”
American tourist, France

We had previous experience with SpinetiX equipment in another Azimut hotel. We knew the solution would fulfill all our expectations. And it delivered.
Nikita Puzanov
Information Technology Specialist
Azimut Chain of Hotels
spinetix digital signage screens at azimut hotel moscow

A highly integrated system that is easy to manage.

The hotel management was looking for a reliable and easy-to-use integrated system that allows to greet guests at the reception, display useful information for delegates throughout its 8 conference halls, stream live sports in the restaurant area and display marketing messages on the internal TV network of 482 TVs.

In total 23 SpinetiX HMP players work with 12 professional LG panels throughout public hotel areas as well as in-room TV screens to display useful information, live content, promotional material, and emergency alerts.

A single person administers the content creation system comprising of a post with Elementi digital signage software installed while two staff members are charged with updating on-screen content on a regular basis.

The result is a streamlined visual communication channel in its own right that is easy to use and whose content is easy to manage and update. Learn more by reading the case study.

Intercontinental Madrid - Spain

Zurich Tourist Information - Switzerland

Novotel Bangkok - Thailand

SugarBun - Malaysia

Radisson Blu Biarritz - France

Petronas Twin Towers - Malaysia

Grand Hyatt Hotel - Philippines

Saint-Emilion Tourist Information - France

Petra Visitor Center - Jordan

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