partnership spinetix with crestron fusion

Room scheduling with digital signage.

The combination of Crestron and SpinetiX technologies brings a true synergy between digital signage and smart-building. It empowers room scheduling systems and offers additional customer benefits including:

  • Richness of interactive content displayed on the screens (videos, images, messages)
  • An easy, consistent customization of the screens with customer branding
  • Digital signage as default content when room scheduling is not used.
Room scheduling with digital signage integrated with Crestron Fusion

SpinetiX digital signage and Crestron Fusion software.

Crestron Fusion monitoring and scheduling software adds a layer of intelligence to turn an organization into a high-performance enterprise. SpinetiX showcases the advantages of this seamless technology integration in the example of Crestron network room scheduling enhanced with SpinetiX digital signage.

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