spinetix totem at palazzo casteglioni milan traders union building

Transforming a landmark building into
an example of digital innovation.

spinetix digital signage totems at the confcommercio building in milan


Palazzo Castiglioni is a grand turn-of-the-century palace, a conference center, and a tourist attraction in Italy. It acts as the seat of the Traders’ Union of Milan. The palace is located at the very heart of the city of Milan and is a symbol of Italian Art Nouveau architecture. The innovative digital signage system installed throughout the building, with SpinetiX technology at the core, facilitates modern visual communication while reinforcing Palazzo Castiglioni’s landmark architectural style.

palazzo casteglioni traders union of milan
  • Promotes scheduled events at the large 800-seat conference center for one massive hall and five smaller meeting areas
  • Replaces traditional paper signage with a completely digitalized installation
  • Provides a dynamic wayfinding solution
  • Makes the most out of the available space with a flexible mobile totem option
  • Allows to include advertising messages during external stakeholder events
  • Fits graciously within the historical architectural style of the building
Digital screens with bright, clear graphics and timely messages that we can update at any time, allow us to make the most out of the available space. The system is so effective, that we even plan to use it for selling advertising spots to special event organizers who rent our meeting areas.
Antonio Tascone
Head of Purchasing
Traders' Union Milan


confcommercio milano mobile totem displays in front of meeting rooms

A bridge between the past and the future

To answer the challenge, the Traders’ Union of Milan brought in a skilled team of installers from Ricoh Italia who developed a project for the distribution of information via digital displays. When developing the project, the architectural aspects of the site were taken into close consideration. The completed project consists of a total of 15 displays of various sizes and orientations fit neatly throughout the conference center, all powered by SpinetiX HMP players.

The content management system (CMS) used, called Jade, relies on SpinetiX architecture and technology. The CMS is developed by Italian-based Voome Networks and allows for automatic synchronizing of screen content with the site’s booking tools.

spinetix hmp300 and hmp350 players

SpinetiX HMP players at the core of the integrated digital signage solution

Both SpinetiX HMP300 and HMP350 were used for the realization of the project. The players were selected for their reliability record of continuous 24/7 performance in public spaces and for their compact robust design with no moving parts. The players power 15 LG FULL-HD professional displays in 55” 49” and 22” sizes in both landscape and portrait configuration, as well as 1 ultra-stretched 86” vertical display.


spinetix totem at entrance of confcommercio di milano

Congress center entrance


Three 55” displays, enclosed in elegant custom-made totem fittings are positioned at the entrance of Palazzo Castiglioni to welcome union members and guests with information about current events and wayfinding.

mobile spinetix totem in the lobby of palazzo casteglioni



Another wayfinding and welcome screen at the ground floor of the building consists of a fourth 55” monitor. The mobile totem-like enclosure of the screen is flexibly designed to be moved at different locations depending on the need of event organizers.

spinetix ultra-stretched welcome display in milan

Reception area


An ultra-stretched 86” screen is placed close to the building’s main staircase and next to the large reception area that leads to the main conference hall. The screen is used to address welcome messages to visitors and guests.

An additional two mobile totems with 49” displays can be used to publicize the center’s events.

screens with spinetix hmp players in front of meeting rooms at traders union building in milan

Meeting rooms

Ten 22” screens are installed in front of meeting halls. These installations feature custom-made wooden frames and are positioned on special supports from the ground or fixed to the wall. The content on these displays ranges from a summary of the ongoing event program to the daily event schedule for the entire building, depending on the time of day.


digital signage at palazzio castiglioni facade


  • A new visual communication channel in line with the building’s landmark architecture
  • A highly integrated system that is easy to manage
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Scalable future-facing solution



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