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As a proud member of the Q‑SYS Technology Program, SpinetiX is advancing digital signage by streamlining the process of programmatic content integration. SpinetiX and Q‑SYS work together to leverage control systems and devices to trigger content on display via the cloud in smart corporate, educational, hospitality, public environments and beyond.

SpinetiX is a Gold member of the Intel® Partner Alliance, a global ecosystem of 400+ member companies that provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics.

SpinetiX partners with Sharp/NEC to offer the ready-to-use solution that makes digital signage accessible, secure, and scalable to grow with your needs. Featuring the SpinetiX DSOS™ dedicated operating system built into Sharp/NEC displays with an integrated Intel® SDM, this new solution offers out-of-the-box access to the free Discovery plan of SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS and is available today.

As a Platinum Intel® Technology Provider, Simply NUC is recognized by Intel as a trusted partner completely focused on the supply, configuration, and support of mini computer systems and solutions for customers located in North America and Europe.

SpinetiX is Crestron’s Integrated Partner, and SpinetiX products are certified to operate seamlessly with Crestron control technologies. Crestron Fusion monitoring and scheduling software adds a layer of intelligence to turn an organization into a high-performance enterprise.

Axis Communications and SpinetiX have teamed up to create a powerful and smart streaming solution to innovate the Public View Monitor or Confrontation Screen at shop entrance. By combining the Axis network cameras with SpinetiX HMP players, the screen at the shop entrance turns into an interactive welcome-screen.

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