SpinetiX elementi digital signage software
spinetix elementi data-driven widgets forex chart on display

Create Data-Driven Experiences

with 250+ Widgets

Fill any display with content that auto-updates using data from familiar tools like G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and more. Widgets are easily customizable, simple, and powerful to deliver information.

spinetix elementi kiosk digital display with person in front


Deliver Rich Interactive Content

for Kiosks

Advanced native support for HTML5, network, and physical interactivity enables you to craft captivating user experiences for any display, touchscreen, and kiosk.

elementi integrated systems and que management digital signage

Unleash the Power

of Integrated Systems

Use Elementi to integrate IoT solutions and third-party systems into your digital signage projects. With sensors, cameras, smart-building, queue management systems and more, you have the full integration capacity to deliver experiences with an unlimited degree of personalization.

elementi and spinetix arya cloud cms integration

Expand Your Reach

with SpinetiX ARYA

Supercharge your content’s journey from creation to display. Use the “Send to Cloud” feature in Elementi to seamlessly push your impactful creations to the Cloud as user-friendly assets in SpinetiX ARYA and as an integral part of your customers’ content setup.

laptop with spinetix elementi digital signage software and hmp players

SpinetiX Players & Elementi

Elementi works together with all our purpose-built digital signage players – extremely robust and reliable – they are designed to deliver content flawlessly 24/7 supporting any signage application.

Download Elementi

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Download and experience in action the fully featured Elementi for 30 days available in 20 languages.


Elementi 2023 Release NEW


Elementi 2023 introduces support for new SpinetiX iBX410/W and iBX440 players with multi-output project creation for stunning 8K and HDR video wall installations. Close captioning is now also available for video files or streaming media. In addition, the update includes Google/Facebook SSO for SpinetiX ARYA.


Three Elementi versions for three types of use.


Whatever the need, we have the right version of Elementi for you today. Elementi S and Elementi M are the versions aimed for sale to end-users. We believe that content creation is where value can be added and creativity can be developed. This is why we developed Elementi X. It is intended for integrators who wish to develop and sell content for end-users.

spinetix elementi s - digital signage software spinetix elementi m - digital signage software spinetix elementi x - digital signage software
Elementi S M X
Players 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Intuitive interface
Effects, transitions & formatting
Full screen preview
250 widgets included
Support for SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise
Shared network storage
Control of publishing user rights
Control of editing user rights
Publish content to network locations (web servers)
Custom widget creation
Advanced feed parsing
Advanced developer tools

SpinetiX keeps investing in improving our software and firmware to maximize the lifetime of your player and to anticipate your future needs. 

You can purchase and manage your Elementi Update Plan subscription from our web portal, Cockpit.

Always up to date software


Gain unlimited access to the latest software features. As we improve and optimize the software, the list of features is constantly growing and you with it.

Maximum security


Stay ahead of the curve and benefit from the latest security patches for your Elementi software and players. Peace of mind has never been more streamlined.

Best in class support


Go for the Elementi Update Plan today and get unlimited best in class support – local, personalized and in your language.

Unlimited flexibility


Buy the Elementi Update Plan today via the streamlined online purchase by using Cockpit – the SpinetiX web portal.

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