dsos by spinetix the operating system made for digital signage
digital signage media player (intel nuc) with DSOS from SpinetiX

Compact footprint, IoT ready

DSOS brings embedded system design to the entire Intel ecosystem, with a compact footprint of only 600 MB, ideal for fanless architectures like Intel Goldmont, but scalable to i5, i7 or i9 when maximum performance matters.

html digital signage content

Native support for HTML5

For independent software vendors (ISVs), as well as cost savings, DSOS delivers unrivaled dependability for HTML5 applications. With no software development kits (SDKs) or proprietary components, its simplicity is open to any vendor. DSOS APIs are exposed directly on the endpoint, avoiding any dependency on a 3rd party cloud.

UHD video wall with 60 fps video by spinetix

Unlike set-top-box-based players, DSOS delivers full 4K output at 60fps for all content, with optimized video playback delivering better performance from equivalent hardware. Interactivity for touch screen applications is also fully supported. The industry-wide problem of operating system exposure to the end-user is eliminated: DSOS treats the rendering engine as a pure communications channel – it is never used to show system error messages.

security in digital signage

Security at the core

Remote monitoring and management of endpoints is built-in to the DSOS stack, working alongside Intel vPro® to support single-truck-roll deployments, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning. Device security is further enhanced with UEFI Secure Boot support. Cloud communications are secured using the TPM or Intel TPP. User content is secured against device theft, with DSOS disk partitions cryptographically signed.

intel iot solutions alliance logo

Designed for the demands of defense, financial, cruise vessel and other high-availability scenarios, DSOS and Intel technology together provides a one-stop, low-risk, secure platform for digital signage deployments of any size.

hardware acceleration and support by dedicated team

Easy configuration, quicker sales

  • Direct route to DSOS engineering team for install support
  • Extremely lean – 600 MB for the entire OS
  • Designed to work with any qualified hardware
  • Full encryption using TPM
  • Better performance from lower-cost hardware
quick updates and remote monitoring tools included

Designed for your business

  • Keep your existing hardware vendor relationship
  • 100% controlled updates, delivered fast
  • Designed for 24/7 operation over 10+ years
  • Uniformity across hardware generations
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring API