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Data-driven Digital Signage using Calendars


Nowadays, there is a hidden battle taking place in every busy workspace – a battle for meeting space.

People forget to look at the calendar. It’s easy to assume an empty room as free while it’s actually booked. Interruptions and delays are commonplace. Anything that helps you organize and streamline your staff and clients’ daily activities could easily save you a ton of money.

Why digital signage?

digital signage and events calendar in education

Digital signage is a powerful tool for displaying calendar activities right when this information is needed. No questions asked.

From boardroom sessions and lectures to appointments at the doctor’s to concert showtimes. 

A digital signage display that keeps track of your events and drives attendance to your establishment is, over time, worth its weight in gold. Regardless of the size and type of your organization. 


It’s all about the widget.

elementi calendar widget digital signage for theater

A widget is a simple item that dynamically auto-updates to display live data. The widget is the ideal digital signage component for displaying concise up-to-date calendar information to audiences most concerned at a specific moment in time for maximum impact.

Elementi software features 250 widgets, a dozen of which are designed to work with your everyday calendar tool – be it Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google Calendar, or Facebook Events. Elementi widgets are available right from the start, included in your software package.

Download Elementi Now

elementi screenshot with calendar widget

What’s more, Elementi widgets are a simple way to easily connect your calendar data to a digital signage display that anyone can manage: a dedicated technical person or an assistant. Simply updating the calendar you use on a daily basis will update the content displayed on the screen.

Use the Elementi calendar widgets for any industry sector and across any organization size – from a startup to a large corporation. Here are just a few examples of how you can put your calendar widget to use at best. The possibilities are limitless. 

elementi calendar widget used in a hospitality setting


If you are running a hotel, an events company or a travel agency, a calendar widget can help you:

  • Promote hotel services
  • Guide events’ attendees
  • Inform about locally organized events.
boardroom digital signage with calendar widget indicating room reservation


Empower your employees and streamline your day-to-day dynamics by:

  • Displaying meeting room availability
  • Keeping track of project deadlines
  • Reminding staff about birthdays
  • Promoting internal and community events.
digital signage for education calendar widget


Use the Elementi calendar widgets to:

  • Display upcoming visits, events and ceremonies from your yearly calendar
  • Promote special events and parent-teacher meetings to public, staff, and students
  • Inform students and staff about upcoming sports activities.
digital signage calendar widget used in hospital context


When lives are on the line, making use of time efficiently and effectively matters most. Use the Elementi calendar widgets to:

  • Inform patients and staff about doctors’ availability
  • Display information about upcoming medical procedures at specific locations
  • Reduce perceived waiting time by showing upcoming patient scheduled appointments.

Step 1: Download Elementi.


Click on the Download button below.

download elementi software

Download Elementi Now

Step 2: Install it on your PC.


Watch the video below to learn how to install and activate Elementi.

download, install, and activate spinetix elementi

Step 3: Pick a widget.

In the main window, go to the Widgets tab and scroll down and open the "Calendars" folder.

widget folders in elementi

Step 4: Put it on display.

Finish it off by following the steps in this Wiki page.

elementi calendar widget on corporate boardroom display
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