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Making your data visible is important for you and your team.

A recent study by Gallup of 2.5 million manager-led teams in 195 countries found that the majority of employees often lack regard for their performance or the performance of their organization. This leads to employee engagement that is less than optimal. 

Visualizing data in the form of charts on digital displays is a great way to solve that. It enables you to engage your employees with reliable and meaningful information coming right from the source – your everyday business tools. 

digital display with pie-chart dashboard coming from excel in corporate office

To create impactful digital dashboards and share your business data easily and effectively, you need a digital signage solution that:


  • Connects directly to the source of your data such as your everyday Excel spreadsheets
  • Is data-driven, or in other words, information displayed on the screen is updated in real time
  • Can distribute content across multiple locations - throughout your office or at remote sites
  • Is secure – to ensure that your business data is only shared with the right audience at any given time. 


With 250+ data-driven widgets, Elementiis the digital signage software that fits all of the above requirements. It securely connects to your Microsoft® Office 365 tools and allows you to put Excel charts from your spreadsheets on any display securely and in real time. 


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Identify the right KPIs

It's all about the questions you ask; not about the data you have. What are the most important questions you want to "ask" your data? The answers will give you the key to the right metrics to include in your digital dashboard. 

Hint: highlight important metrics that are moving in the right direction to motivate employees and help them see their efforts paying off. It works both ways – highlighting negative performance will focus your team on the areas that need attention. Elementi features plenty of options to customize the look and feel of each individual chart.

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Use a layout that guides your audience

Anticipate the questions your teams will ask and organize your charts accordingly so that your dashboard is ready to deliver answers quickly. Group related KPIs together to provide insights on trends and the big picture.

Hint: Elementi connects to the spreadsheets you use every day. So picking out the charts already available in Excel is all you need to do.

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Drive engagement

Consider how people throughout your workplace would want to interact with data on your digital signage dashboard. Your dashboard should answer both your teams' primary and secondary questions. Allow team members with a fresh perspective to explore the data and uncover meaningful insights beyond just the overview.

Hint: Elementi features advanced touch interactivity and helps easily create multi-layered screen content ensuring maximum flexibility for any scenario. 

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Bonus tip: video walls

Use a large display or a video wall for more screen real estate. Elementi supports any kind of screen size and configuration and features easy video-wall content creation out of the box. 

spinetix digital signage screen with excel-chart dashboard

Head office and common office areas

  • Empower employees with data. Your team spends less time to find answers and to take the right decisions.
  • Drive data transparency at the workplace by making your company's key targets visible to everyone.
  • Motivate and improve team performance. When seeing the results of their efforts, teams innately start to improve their work. 
spinetix digital signage dashboard at a logistics center

Remote production sites and logistics

  • Transform manufacturing. Encourage people and machines to work together more efficiently.
  • Replace complexity with insight. Provide easy to read visibility on production metrics, inventory status and machine performance in real time.
  • Bring useful visual information closer to employees who don't have immediate access to other communication means and tools like email and a laptop.


Step 1: Download Elementi.

Click on the Download button below.



Step 2: Install it on your PC.

Watch the video below to learn how to install and activate Elementi.

download, install, and activate spinetix elementi

Step 3: Create your dashboard.

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to create your dashboard in Elementi.

presentation in meeting room with a digital dashboard from spinetix

Step 4: Put it on display.

See more tips on our Wiki.

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