tech tap and spinetix post covid digital signage solution

Integrated digital signage solutions for a post COVID world

spinetix techtap live assist safety solution for coronavirus


How do you find the time to ensure your business complies?

Our partners from TechTAP have the answer with a modular digital signage solution.

TechTAP, a content and service provider based in Canada, teamed up with SpinetiX to provide a series of modular solutions featuring SpinetiX digital signage technology designed to help get back to business in the age of COVID-19.

Check-in and check-out made easy and safe

safety totem for measuring temperature and checking for face mask in a post covid environment at telus office in canada

The LiveAssist Check-In Assistant from TechTAP is a solution which seamlessly integrates with SpinetiX digital signage technology to automate the flow for safe check-in for staff, clients, third-party caregivers, and contractors, as they enter your transportation, long term health care facility, office, building or retail environment.

It features the latest generation easy-to-install SpinetiX HMP400 digital signage player with native support for HTML5 and advanced interactivity. The player features easy integration with third party technologies including temperature sensors, and reliable round-the clock operation. The content is set up in turn and published to the player with Elementi, the N°1 digital signage software from SpinetiX.

Since 2014, TechTAP's Live-Assist’s ecosystem of seamlessly integrated digital products and services, manages triage and other healthcare screening processes with remote support and automation. TechTAP's experience in digital healthcare is well positioned and integral to help overcome the challenges in the current and post COVID world.

Live Assist is designed to help protect people and save lives. This is not to be taken lightly. That is why we carefully chose to rely on SpinetiX trustworthy, robust and trouble free technology. And the SpinetiX team is wonderful to work with too!
Suzana Spratley
SpinetiX is easy to integrate with third-party technologies, and provides complete flexibility when working with HTML5 content. This permits LiveAssist to deploy all parts of the system in a consistently dependable environment.
Suzana Spratley
digital signage communication content for a post pandemic world

Benefits at a glance:

  • Tried and tested digital signage technology from SpinetiX at the core
  • Fully automated – take the burden off your front-line staff
  • Visitor Registration – replace manual paper sign-in logs
  • Temperature & personal protective equipment (PPE) screening
  • Monitor and manage occupancy in real-time
  • Generate reports in real-time that provide the details & records you want to see

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