3 ways to navigate the hybrid workplace

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As the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, companies are forced to experiment with new ways of working. But the global pandemic is only the catalyzer of a paradigm shift that has its origins long before COVID-19 hit. What can you do to successfully navigate this new reality of work?

The hybrid work model

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The business-as-usual outlook is bound to be affected by the notion of the hybrid workplace where remote and office work coexist.

Many have come to associate remote work with a feeling of isolation and a loss of meaning. This can ultimately lead to a drop in commitment.

i am interested in working remotely long-term vs. I miss going into the office

61% of employees surveyed during the course of the pandemic by Salesforce say they miss going to the office as opposed to working entirely remotely. At the same time 67% of the same sample say they are interested in working remotely long-term.

So why not consider the hybrid work solution as a viable long-term key to productivity in this new post-COVID world?

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The vast majority of employees who cannot work from home such as production, logistics, and retail staff lack the proper communications technology including a company-provided laptop or a phone. This sheds light on an underlying issue with on-site staff being especially vulnerable to feeling disconnected from the head office. Combined with the current insurmountable health-safety context, it is more important than ever to secure consistent communication with on-site staff.

digital signage for real-time feedback, stories and events, and questions and ideas


Digital Signage is a technology for displaying content on screen that can help make the workplace safer, strengthen bonds with employees and make them more involved in the organization.

protime, the n1 t&a software

In addition, using a dedicated work planning platform comes in handy for keeping track of remote and on-site employees while ensuring their safety. Good management of working hours, employee rotation and presence contribute to greater flexibility with organizing work. On the one hand, managers obtain relevant coaching data adapted to a hybrid working environment; on the other – employees feel comfortable and in control with this new form of work.

remote work planning

1. Organize work from home:

This involves advice on the layout of the home workspace but also its link to the head office and especially remote management. The home office offers employees increased security from a health point of view; however, supervising employees is complexified. The challenge is, therefore, to ensure the continuity of projects and the commitment of employees while at the same time taking into account the physical distance that separates workers from management and other colleagues.

social distancing measures in the office shown on a digital display

2. Make the office and other on-site working areas feel safe:

The company must take actions that reassure employees’ sense of safety in the office, at production sites, and other remote on-site workspaces. For example, ensuring contactless access to areas throughout the workplace, displaying safety instructions and company information on screens, providing adequate and dynamic real-time wayfinding to manage the flow of people and more.

digital signage offers prime office experiences

3. Offer prime on-site experiences:

Finally, with remote working becoming the norm, working from the office must bring a high-quality experience to employees in order to encourage collaboration and strengthen their bond with the organization. The most important way to foster this positive spirit is to communicate internally on everything related to the corporate culture, whether it be values, successes, or even strategic information that management wishes to share.

digital dashboards for production sites


Visualizing data in the form of dashboards on digital displays is a great way to solve that. It enables you to engage your employees with reliable and meaningful information coming right from the source – your everyday business tools.

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