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It's time for DiVA.

DiVA is our plug-and-play digital signage solution we designed to fit the needs of small businesses. It is easy to set-up, affordable to deploy, and delivers an unmatched degree of autonomy in creating engaging on-screen content.

We match the quality and security requirements of small businesses so that, every day, thousands of small businesses trust our solutions to deliver relevant, high-impact digital signage content.

diva digital signage player in a hand
Bring your story to life with DiVA.

For more than a decade, we have been constantly innovating to deliver cutting-edge technology that helps our customers shine.

Share your story with DiVA, our latest plug-and-play solution for small businesses. Create and schedule instantly for maximum impact. Easily craft your content thanks to DiVA’s user-friendly web interface as well as included ready-to-use apps and templates. Digital signage doesn’t get any easier than this. And it’s all included with your player right from the start.

Go simple!

We simplify installation constraints of your digital signage projects. DiVA’s compact and robust form factor allows secure and quick installations close to the screen, or in especially narrow spaces. Our player’s unique passive cooling design makes our DiVA silent and reliable even in dusty, sandy, humid, or greasy environments. No complex setup and no software installation required: everything you need comes with DiVA and is ready to use.

diva player solution for small businesses
Create impactful content on-the-go.
diva apps presentation

Built into DiVA are 9 high-quality web-based components we call apps that are ready to use and help you create maximum impact today. DiVA’s included apps for weather forecasts, clocks, date, time, instant messaging, RSS feeds and more help you bring your digital signage to life. Forget recurrent subscription fees - everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Protect your investment.

DiVA is reliable, durable and stable. It comes with a premium 3-year warranty that protects your investments. It is ready to work without monthly subscription fees. This truly minimizes your maintenance and operation costs that can otherwise heavily impact your total cost of ownership.

All our added-value services are optional and are designed to extend features, reduce your costs and maximize your resources.

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DiVA for reception.
a single screen solution for reception

"I needed a way to make potential partners confident about doing business with us right from the point they enter our premises.  DiVA allowed me to promote the fact that we have a global footprint. The world clock app helped me do that in minutes. The video and image are of great quality!"

DiVA for a real estate agency.
diva solution for a real estate agency

"DiVA lets us quickly share the best properties with our clients, and a simple QR code allows access to all the property details."

DiVA for the gym.
sinlge screen solution for the gym

"We now promote our workout classes and schedules as well as our trainers. The sports RSS feed app allows us to keep on-screen content dynamic."

DiVA for your medical practice.
single screen for medical practice

"I needed a way to keep my patients engaged while they wait for admission. With DiVA, my screen turned into the main source of relevant and timely health and medical information. Setup was easy, and I could see the results immediately."

DiVA for car repair centers.
car repair center with a digital signage screen complete with diva

“Since we installed DiVA at the reception of our garage, we’ve streamlined our client communication efforts. DiVA allows us to showcase our daily, weekly and monthly offers. When needed, anyone in our team can update the screen content from their tablet."

DiVA for a travel agency.
diva solution for a travel agency

“Marketing a destination on a big bright screen and showing videos on-demand is much more engaging than static printed pictures. I just create new offers and make them look eye-catching with photos, videos and with localized weather. I would never go back to printing."

Real-time dashboards
Products directories
Integrated digital signage & IP video
Content delegation
Interactive digital signage
Queue management
Room reservations and way-finding
Welcome screens for retail
And more...