spinetix digital signage technology at agco france


The SpinetiX digital signage technology proves a great way to disseminate corporate communication to the site's more than 1'300 production-line employees and serves as an alternative channel when no laptops or company-supplied phones are possible.


welcome screen deployed at agco production site reception


  • To develop a new internal communication channel that connects all employees and strengthens their sense of belonging and commitment to the company
  • To have a system that is flexible and scalable enough to meet the current and future needs of the company
  • To allow for minimum investment during future system expansions
We selected SpinetiX specifically because of the SpinetiX ARYA cloud platform. It met our needs because it is intuitive and therefore, easy to adopt and set up content right from the start. In addition, support comes right from within the solution in the form of live chat.
Anita-Sophie Bado
Internal Communications Manager & Local PR
AGCO group


digital screens at agco factory

Content management in the cloud with the SpinetiX ARYA platform and HMP players


To meet the requirements of the project, the AGCO group relied on the expertise and support of the SpinetiX team who advocated for their complete digital signage solution. The solution includes the cloud-based digital signage platform called SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise, combined with SpinetiX HMP300 media players.


employee break area with digital signage from spinetiX

A system that helps corporate culture transpire

Employees particularly appreciate this new communication channel, served by the SpinetiX digital signage solution, as it provides them with a flow of information in real-time. Communication is now more fluid between employees of different departments despite the distance between sites and this has helped to strengthen the feeling of cohesion and team spirit. The locations where the screens are installed allow employees to have access not only to information, but also to meet and discuss together.


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