An iconic smart building at the heart of Europe.


Millennium is a premier destination, a unique meeting place for companies in Switzerland, and a model for the smartest buildings of tomorrow.


Supercharged Experiences


The SpinetiX digital signage solution lies at the heart of Millennium, supercharging experiences beyond the ordinary. 150 strategically placed throughout the building displays of all shapes and sizes serve multiple vertical needs: Hospitality, Corporate, and Entertainment, making every welcome warmer and every interaction seamless and memorable.



Right from its conception, the Millennium project called for a digital signage solution defined by the following requirements:


1. Future-Proof Signage

Digital signage had to meet the strict specifications of a core technology infrastructure integrated from the very conception of the smart building. This demanded long-term solutions rather than quick fixes or temporary afterthoughts. Specific expectations were set for the signage solution's durability for continuous use in various outdoor and indoor settings and its reliable performance at all times, including at experience-critical moments.


2. Full Autonomy

A system with an intuitive design was required that allows both the integrator and the end customer to maintain complete autonomy, simplifying installation on the one hand, and content management on the other.


3. Support for Diverse Scenarios and Displays

The end customer called for a signage solution that supports Corporate, Hospitality, and Events & Entertainment experiences consistently across the building and integrates with various display technologies. Signage had to serve areas like the lobby, hallways, retail and entertainment spaces, with LED walls, synchronized projectors, horizontal and vertical screens, as well as integrate with Millennium’s business center video conferencing units.


4. Uncompromising Security

Advanced security was required as standard, connecting cloud experiences and third-party systems seamlessly and securely through a central content management system.





To meet the challenge, the Millennium team called upon the qualities of the SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage solution. This includes SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS as the key hub for the entire signage installation for easy content management, supported by the versatile iBX440 and HMP400 media players, as well as Elementi software for advanced third-party content integrations.
The resulting signage experiences are divided into four categories.


Welcome Experiences


Welcome areas at Millennium set the stage for a memorable first impression. Digital signage around the building’s entry points signals a grand sense of arrival and enhances the transition between the outside world and the interior. Once inside, the SpinetiX solution invites visitors and resident staff to 'expect the unexpected', guaranteeing a positively surprising yet consistent experience.

millennium LED video wall at smart building lobby


'WOW' Moments Right at the Door


The lobby’s striking 48x9 LED wall features three synchronized 4K display resolutions across a massive, uninterrupted digital canvas. It is powered by a single award-winning iBX440 SpinetiX video wall player that works together with SpinetiX ARYA for easy content setup and management, accessible to everyone. This guarantees visitors are welcomed with impactful visual experiences right from the start. 

exterior fountain in front of millennium building with exterior LED superstretch display


Interactive Signage Controls


Using interactive controls for special events like birthdays or emergency situations becomes effortless with SpinetiX ARYA’s Q‑SYS plugin. It enables activating a display program that synchronizes content and lighting between the lobby's LED wall and the outdoor fountain’s LED screen at the touch of a button. This seamlessly blends screen content, lighting, and audio, delivering unmatched programmed sensory experiences.

data-driven screen content showing wayfinding in a digital display at the millennium smart building in crissier, switzerland


Data-Driven Wayfinding


Enabling smooth in-transit experiences, the SpinetiX signage solution offers automated, branded wayfinding that highlights current events, their locations, and directions. Using Elementi's data-driven Widgets, this feature enhances visitor navigation. Designed with Elementi software, managing these wayfinding integrations is straightforward right from within SpinetiX ARYA CMS, ensuring that the displayed content is always relevant to real-time events happening on-site.

welcome and departure digital signage exterior totems at millennium building in switzerland


Consistent Experiences on Arrival and Departure


At the main entrance and parking areas, digital totem displays welcome visitors and provide essential traffic and weather information, enhancing arrival and departure experiences according to the time of day. SpinetiX HMP400 media players, built for critical applications, ensure the totems operate flawlessly in any condition.


Conference Center


In Millennium’s cutting-edge conference center, the seamless integration of digital signage significantly enhances the visitor experience, particularly by facilitating smooth welcome and departure interactions and ensuring efficient wayfinding across the building.

in-room display at a conference room featuring digital signage layered welcome content and messaging


In-Room Welcome and Departure Experiences


SpinetiX enhances conference room encounters with multi-layered, customizable content from Elementi shown directly on conference displays, offering event-specific greetings and smooth transitions between presentations. This integration eliminates generic screens and ensures a professional vibe with smooth welcomes and goodbyes, all while keeping the atmosphere aligned with the specific event’s theme.

conference center digital signage display showing real-time events agenda


Event-Branded Wayfinding


Real-time branded event wayfinding integrated with the end-customer event management database ensures intuitive navigation throughout Millennium. Digital signage across the building guides guests to their events, using overlays of self-contained real-time elements called Widgets to display the event time and location on top of other on-screen content.

Special Events & Entertainment


Whether it's a corporate evening, a gala dinner, a cocktail party, or a full-blown rock concert, the SpinetiX signage solution offers dynamic on-screen content at the right time, making every event special from start to finish.

la scene - millennium building's 500-seat auditorium with large LED video wall connected to iBX440 digital signage player and a welcome display

Integrating Signage and Stage Events


Positioned above the stage of Millennium’s auditorium, a massive LED wall is similar in setup to the one in the lobby. It is similarly connected to a single iBX440 video wall player. Using SpinetiX ARYA, it displays engaging content like welcome messages or custom visuals at the press of a button; all managed via a tablet and at precise moments before and after events. This setup prevents blank screens during welcome and departure and aligns perfectly with events ‘themes, enhancing attendee experiences right from the start.

laura cox at le club in millennium building appearing on a digital signage display in the smart building


Cutting-edge Integrations Behind the Scenes


Behind the scenes in the auditorium Artist's Lounge, state-of-the-art interactive digital signage allows artists to switch between display content and live stage feeds seamlessly with just a switch of a button. SpinetiX ARYA’s certified Q-SYS plugin makes this possible and keeps performers behind the stage well-informed and ready for their cue.

ballroom at the millennium smart building in crissier, switzerland with digital signage projectors synced and with negative bezels


Immersive Ballroom Experiences


Synchronized projectors powered by SpinetiX digital signage players and featuring negative bezels create an immersive setting with seamless visuals across Millennium’s ballroom. This is another example of the innovative ways digital signage can be used in special events to set new standards in guest experiences. 

Hospitality & Services


The SpinetiX digital signage solution is central to transforming every aspect of Millennium's five-star hospitality experiences and full range of services.

digital menu board showing the daily menu at millennium cafeteria


Data-Driven Digital Menu Boards


Strategically placed digital menu boards that feature dynamic pricing and AI-generated imagery bring culinary experiences to life even before guests and resident staff walk into any of Millennium’s three food-and-beverage outlets. Simple database integrations with the POS system automatically update daily menu items and prices on display, while pictures of the dishes spark visitors’ appetites, driving the excitement for the actual meal’s delight.

retail product display at a hair salon at the millennium smart building in switzerland

High-Impact Monetizing Opportunities


The end customer leverages digital signage as a marketing tool, dedicating a portion of the screen space throughout the building to promote the full range of services like the delicatessen, dry cleaning, car wash, private club, and gym. By using impactful visuals, QR codes, and gamification – like interactive World Cup challenges at Le Café, they increase visits and attract more customers to these on-site facilities. Live streaming – for example, from the club’s regular events is also added to the mix for effective engagement and promotion.

spinetix arya templates making digital display content consistent across entire building


Uniformly Branded Screen Content


The visual brand identity of the end customer is reinforced at every screen location – whether near service areas, dining outlets, or in hallways and elevators. Consistency is achieved through SpinetiX ARYA’s set of digital signage templates, which allow for effortless one-click logo, style, and color code, customizations across all content, all at once.




spinetix led video wall welcome display at the millennium smart building lobby in switzerland

Transforming Experiences with
Digital Signage


As a unique and luxurious venue for creating unforgettable moments, Millennium relies on digital signage to transform experiences beyond the expected with cutting-edge technology and five-star service. It elevates every visit, making the ordinary extraordinary.

spinetix external digital signage displays including stretch LED and totem

A Scalable Solution Geared
Towards the Future


Considered right from Millennium’s inception, digital signage is a foundational component of the smart building design. It offers a secure, maintenance-free solution that anticipates the building’s evolving needs with an ever-growing feature set and system updates.

millennium building reception desk at lobby

Full Autonomy
for the End Customer


The SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage Solution, with its intuitive CMS, in-house media players, and easy integration with third-party technology, empowers the end customer with complete control over managing their day-to-day signage content and system.

"Millennium is the smartest building in Switzerland. It’s where SpinetiX brings experiential signage to life, making every experience extraordinary."

Gary Kayye

Co-founder and Director, THE rAVe Agency

intel gold iot solutions partner

Future-Ready Signage:
SpinetiX and Intel at Millennium


SpinetiX collaborates with Intel® to redefine signage experiences, integrating cutting-edge Intel-based technologies. Our partnership is all about pushing boundaries and simplifying the future of digital signage, offering robust, ready-to-use solutions that enhance every part of the experience at Millennium.

millennium building in switzerland on a blue background

at the SpinetiX Experience Center


Visit the SpinetiX Experience Center housed at Millennium and embark on a journey through the full potential of digital signage. End users and integrators can get a curated first-hand experience of this real-world end-customer installation. A specialized showroom within our office will also immerse you in the latest SpinetiX technology.




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