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400 School Screens Across 17 City Districts

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St. Petersburg is Russia’s pioneer in enabling the state-of-the-art digital transformation of its schools.

The city’s administration has trusted SpinetiX digital signage technology for more than 7 years now to cater to the pedagogical, educational, social, and informational needs of the 21st-century school.

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  • Provide a multifunctional visual channel of communication where students, teachers, and parents are informed about school curriculum and events on the go
  • Create a unique social setting where students and teachers come to seek for information and exchange ideas with each other
  • Inspire and involve students in the process of creating media content
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and advertise cultural and sporting events
  • Ensure safety of school grounds by serving as a notification and alert system in case of emergency
  • Use existing local networks without requiring deployment of new cyberinfrastructure
  • Must be designed to operate 24/7 with minimal maintenance required
The InfoZone project allows children to perceive the content on the screens with interest, but equally importantly, to also take part in the content-creation process.
Alexander Valerievich Ksenofontov
Deputy Chairman
Committee for Education of St. Petersburg


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SpinetiX HMP Players – Easy to Scale, Robust, Reliable

The solution is based on deploying a series of digital info zones throughout public areas of schools and steps on the SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage Solution including the SpinetiX HMP media players for content distribution and Elementi digital signage software for content management.

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Centralized Content Management with Elementi Digital Signage Software

Partners from SpinetiX Certified Gold Dealer TEKO who realized the project, train a school’s content specialist on creating content with Elementi software after which they are autonomous to create and distribute screen content on their own and to even aid students with developing materials and publishing by themselves.


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A system that grew on students and staff

Thanks to SpinetiX, digital signage is now a proven technology used to solve communication challenges in the 21st-century school across the city of St. Petersburg. SpinetiX technology has become the standard in digital signage for education in the region and beyond.


Project Awards

spinetix digital signage awards

The InfoZone project bears multiple awards for its realizer, SpinetiX Certified Gold Dealer TEKO and SpinetiX Distribution Partner DStools. The awards include:

  • Winner – St. Petersburg School 2020 competition in the nomination “Educational Organization Management”
  • Best Solution for Education 2018
  • Grand prix – competition “Creating the Future” sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation”
  • Winner – national prize Pro-Integration Awards at Integrated Systems Russia 2014

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