Time Inc. lobby welcome video wall

Corporate digital signage success stories.

Engage with your employees, visitors and customers.

For offices, headquarters, reception desks, corporate campuses, office buildings and other corporate spaces.

Your staff is always on the move but still try to stay on top of their inbox? Only few people take the time to read your internal newsletter and you have a hard time passing on corporate messages? Digital signage is a way to engage people visiting or working in your office differently. SpinetiX simplifies delivering messages across multiple strategic locations such as the lobby, the coffee area or close to the elevators. You can automatically display your social media feeds and even engage with people asking for feedback.

Moss Adams LPP welcomes their visitors individually with their customizable videowall

Engage with people right from the start.

“I had a business meeting with a potential supplier at their office. While waiting for my appointment, I noticed the screen with a welcoming message at my attention! I felt really special and was hooked to the screen which then broadcasted their corporate video and new products showcases. I got to know the company better and it was a great introduction to the upcoming meeting. I will do the same in my own company”
CEO of a manufacturing company visiting a potential supplier, USA

News streaming screen at the Kuwait news agency

Keep your staff in line with company updates.

“We have an Intranet system employees use to find specific information but they seldom take the time to watch corporate news on the home page. Since we have placed screens on each floor in front of the elevators, the staff is up-to-date with latest news. We synchronized the screens with our social media campaigns and employees actually share them now. It gave us the idea of using the screens to raise awareness on working condition issues. Now we broadcast tips on how to deal with stress and targets on energy savings. The results are quite impressive!.”
Junior human resources at a media company, Kuwait

Saudia Electricity Company Welcome Video wall

SpinetiX offers a solution optimized for reliability and network security.

“The internal communication team requested a digital signage system for the company. Working for a strategic industry, we chose SpinetiX because their solution matches our security requirements. They helped us a lot integrating their software in our network and connecting it to our databases. The screens have been implemented one year ago and we have never received any maintenance ticket for it. It just works!”
IT project manager for a utility Company, Saudi Arabia

Our references at a glance.

Thanks to our ecosystem of partners and distributors, we empower hundreds of small businesses and global companies alike for their corporate communication.

Monster - USA

Monster.com deployed an engaging video wall displaying information about the company’s success rate for placing staff to their clients.

Time Inc. - USA

SpinetiX powers the digital signage solution at Time Magazine’s new headquarters in New York. The open collaborative environment is enabled by SpinetiX digital signage.


Vodafone Campus - Germany

SpinetiX powers Vodafone campus’ wayfinding, corporate information, room booking and lunch menu displays.

vodafone conference room with spinetix technology

SpinetiX technology throughout the campus.

The conference-zone screens, four in total, display an overview of room bookings. Displayed content can be changed via third-party apps and can be adapted for multiple audiences.

The ten displays with HMP technology installed throughout the canteen are designed to show automated up-to-date information based on customized Elementi software templates. For example, the displays use instant data updates without human intervention (via M2M - machine-to-machine communication) to automatically show the lunch menu during the lunch break.

Moët & Chandon - France

Kuwait News Agency - Kuwait

Lee Kum Kee - China

Türk Telecom

Emery Oleochemicals