digital signage at a company's hq specialized in railway transportation

Recently, our certified partner in France, DEYA, trusted us to equip the new headquarters of their client – an expert in rail transportation – with our solution.

The SpinetiX digital signage solution quickly became the go-to communications platform for sharing information easily and effectively with everyone at the office, be it employees or visitors.

corporate office building of a major player in the railway transportation business
  • Introduce a fresh internal communication channel that connects employees and celebrates company culture, giving the brand image a boost.

  • Share important company updates seamlessly, making them easily accessible to everyone.

  • Offer a scalable and user-friendly solution that empowers communication managers to independently schedule and share content with employees and visitors.

  • Provide technology that is flexible, secure, and low-maintenance.

  • Make use of a centralized CMS that's simple for anyone to use and features customizable layout templates.

SpinetiX ARYA CMS offers an intuitive interface, enabling the creation of impactful content for both employees and visitors. In addition, it allows for customizing content based on screen locations — whether it is the reception, break areas, or hallways.



Cloud-based, SpinetiX ARYA needs a simple internet connection to work, offering incredible ease of use and flexibility. It is the ideal choice for those looking to craft quick, compelling, and engaging visual messages on display.

The SpinetiX HMP players guarantee smooth delivery of content across various screen types, meeting the client's need for simplicity. These players are not just compact and feature-rich but are also robust, secure, and energy-efficient. The HMPs’ low energy consumption was an added argument for the end customer, who was looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

employees at major railway transportation player in headquarters offices featuring digital signage from SpinetiX

Employees particularly appreciate this new communication channel, which provides real-time information and helps build a stronger connection with the company’s brand and values. The result: cultivating a stronger sense of belonging and strengthening the team spirit within the organization.

Finally, the integrated live chat in SpinetiX ARYA allows for direct communication with the SpinetiX team of experts, who are dedicated to continuously improving the platform and adding new features. As a result, the SpinetiX digital signage solution's dependable and intuitive nature has successfully met the client's needs and expectations.

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