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Premium monitoring.

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On-site service and support is an important challenge for every digital signage project. This is where Cockpit’s remote monitoring tools help curtail unpredictable maintenance and operations costs, not least by managing risk and by reducing labor expenses.

By opting for Premium Monitoring on Cockpit, you gain unlimited access to proactive maintenance, automated alert notifications, activity reporting, remote configuration and more. These features will bring your maintenance costs down and increase the reliability of your display network. By preventing failures and reacting promptly to incidents you will maximize the impact of your communication.

Elementi Update Plan. Stay future-proof.

In a fast-paced world that changes every day, your digital signage needs may quickly evolve. Every Elementi purchase comes with 1 year of Elementi Update Plan included.  After that, we recommend you to purchase the Elementi Update Plan for an additional 1 or 3 years and keep up with the very latest versions of Elementi. The Elementi Update Plan is your fast-track to new security patches, more performant libraries, new better-suited widgets, and innovative features. SpinetiX keeps investing in improving our software and firmware to maximize the lifetime of your player and to anticipate your future needs.

The all-new Elementi version is here.

With the new Elementi, you have even more opportunities to put data-driven signage at the core of your digital communication.


Always up to date software.

Gain unlimited access to the latest software features with Elementi Update Plan. Elementi is now in its fifth generation and features more than 250 wonderfully handy widgets, all available right from the start. As we improve and optimize the software, the list of features is constantly growing. 

Maximum security.

Security is a fundamental element to consider when deploying and operating your digital signage installation. We recommend going for the Elementi Update Plan as it helps you stay ahead of the curve and to benefit from the latest security patches for your Elementi software and HMP players. Peace of mind has never been more streamlined.

Best in class support.

Go for the Elementi Update Plan today and get unlimited best in class support that is local, personalized and speaks your language.

Unlimited flexibility.

Getting started with Elementi Update Plan is easy. Just log-in to Cockpit and buy the Elementi Update Plan via the streamlined online purchase in Cockpit.


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Our commitment to security.

We at SpinetiX strongly believe in secure and reliable digital signage.

We packed for you our advice and insights on security in a valuable first-step resource to help you better evaluate your current or future installation.

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At your service.

Looking for additional services? Our certified partners offer local services ranging from feasibility studies to project management, installation, content creation, customization, integration and maintenance. Contact your local distributor today to find the SpinetiX Certified partner that best fits your requirements.