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See All Our Highlights from InfoComm 2024


Watch our highlights from InfoComm, where we presented our new iBX player line, celebrated our Best of Show award for the iBX440, and showcased the SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS with its new Q-SYS plugin!




Incredible Wow

Incredibly Simple.

It takes five seconds to grab someone’s attention. It only works with great content. With SpinetiX ARYA™, your branded visual messages will stand out on any display
in minutes.

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All the Features You Need



video walls made easy

NEW: Video Walls
Made Easy


Easy video wall setup and stunning visual experience with SpinetiX ARYA and the new iBX440 player.

spinetix arya feature - templates

Create easily
with Templates


Standout high quality designs with animated effects ensure your picture-perfect fit.

spinetix arya feature - content tags

Sort fast
with Tags


Use tags to filter, organize and publish. The smartest way to manage your content.

spinetix arya feature -  live chat support

Ask us anything
in the Live Chat


Get help by talking to a product expert directly from within the platform.

spinetix arya feature -  multi user management

Multiple Users


Bring your team on the action. Control and assign individual permissions and more.

spinetix arya feature - schedule

Drag & drop to


Drag & drop to schedule content. Turn screens on/off automatically to save power.


Scalable Digital Signage Made Easy


SpinetiX ARYA evolves with your needs. Its true SaaS (Software as a Service) nature means new exciting features are always added and a suite of advanced capabilities can be unlocked depending on the way your requirements grow.


What do you need to get started?


All you need to get started is a SpinetiX ARYA cloud account, a compatible digital signage player,
and any digital display.

step 1

Get Your FREE Cloud Account

Begin by requesting your fully functional
SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise Demo account and start setting your spectacularly visual messages.



step 2

Get Your Digital Signage Player

Pick any purpose-built compatible media player connected to your display.

step 3

Put it On Display

Create your content and push it on your player to a display of any brand and any type (LCD, LED, etc.)



Start Your Journey With SpinetiX ARYA

the Way You Are.



Whether you are looking to start on your own, or to set up the solid technical foundations of your enterprise signage infrastructure together with a local SpinetiX partner, SpinetiX ARYA comes with the right plan to support your evolving needs.

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Winner: Best Cloud-Based Signage Solution


  🥇 WON: "InfoComm 2024: Best Cloud-Based Signage"
  🥇 WON: "InfoComm 2024: Best New Digital Sigange CMS"
   for SpinetiX ARYA + Q-SYS Integration

SpinetiX ARYA is a five-time winner of the rAVe "Best of Show" award for three consecutive years at both the industry's leading shows: ISE and InfoComm!



"You have a superstar prodcut here: this is the simplest cloud-based system I've seen."

Gary Kayye, Co-Founder & Director
rAVe [Pubs]


infocomm 2024 award spinetix arya



Unpacking the Value of Digital Signage SaaS


See how true digital signage SaaS benefits both end users and integrators.




Cutting-edge Technology of the Future. Today.


With a shared commitment to digital signage and vision for the future, we joined forces with Intel® as part of the Intel Partner Alliance and continue delivering the cutting-edge technology of the future today.


spinetix part of the intel iot solutions alliance


See SpinetiX ARYA in Action


Grab your seat on one of our upcoming sessions where you'll see a quick demo of SpinetiX ARYA, along with how to get started, and meet the team behind the scenes.




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