spinetix complete digital signage solution

Our complete digital signage solution.

High value content.

We facilitate content creation with 25 samples included in our Elementi software. They are fully customizable and enable multi-layer rendering for a professional finish.

Secure widgets.

There are 250 widgets in total included in our Elementi software, and they all have one thing in common – they help transforming free, easily available, and accessible data into secure and professional digital signage.

Versatile software.

We offer convenient applications through our Elementi software that allow you to easily create, manage, schedule and share your story, including: customizable content, 25 editable templates and 250+ industry-standard widgets and apps. There’s no need for third party tools or specialized design skills, it’s all in your hands.

Powerful hardware.

We offer the most reliable, secure and user-friendly digital signage players on the market. From turnkey like DIVA - Digital Signage Player to high-performance players like HMP350, our products are intuitive, professional and powerful enough to meet any digital signage need.

Cloud services.

Our certified local partners can support you with anything from feasibility studies to project management, installation, content creation, customization, integration and maintenance. Through Cockpit, our cloud-based portal, we provide services that reduce your maintenance overheads and help your deployments evolve along with your needs.

Worldwide training.

The SpinetiX Digital Signage Academy program offers a full range of training services and the only global professional certification within the digital signage industry.

Our commitment to security.


We at SpinetiX strongly believe in secure and reliable digital signage.

We packed for you our advice and insights on security in a valuable first-step resource to help you better evaluate your current or future installation.


code image digital signage security

Small businesses

Social media for digital signage


Real-time dashboards

Video walls

Products directories

Integrated digital signage & IP video

Content delegation

Interactive digital signage

Queue management

Room reservations and way-finding

And more...

Welcome screens for retail

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