university digital signage at goethe university frankfurt

Forty Screen Locations, Five Campuses

goethe university digital signage with a student in front of display

SpinetiX technology is present in one of Germany’s largest educational institutions to diffuse communication to more than 40,000 students daily.

The SpinetiX digital signage solution installed at Goethe University  is popular for its ease of use, ability to centralize content management across multiple geographical locations, and minimal maintenance required.

digital display at a university in an educational setting
  • Content and maintenance should be managed centrally while deployed across multiple remote campuses
  • Reliable professional-grade technology that is able to run for at least 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and requires minimum maintenance is to be prioritized
  • The system should deliver content securely from multiple sources of data including social media accounts, calendars and local city information
We love the scalability of the solution. We grow our network little by little, starting initially with a few screen locations. This has now grown to 40. In the future we are considering expanding the network to even more locations.
Jessica Kuch
Multimedia Content Manager
CampuService at Goethe University Frankfurt


digital screen at a university cafeteria in frankfurt

Centralized content management with Elementi Software and SpinetiX HMP players

40 SpinetiX HMP300 players provided by SpinetiX Certified Gold Dealer Vidco Studios was deployed by the university IT department across all five university campuses at 40 single-screen locations.

A single staff member equipped with Elementi M digital signage software, installed on a PC at the CampuService office is used to create, manage, update, and distribute content across all locations.


a digital screen at a library with people around it

A system that grew on students and staff

Students and staff alike adore the depth of information that the system brings on the go. Digital signage has become an essential channel of communication for the university. Locations where screens are installed have become self-made social hot spots where students and staff come to seek for information and interact with each other.


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