Elementi. No.1 Digital Signage Software.
2017 Release.

Newly released Elementi digital signage software with its intuitive interface, included ready-to-use widgets, and enhanced network security provides the optimal way to create secure, yet versatile digital signage. It is a proven digital signage solution for verticals such as education, hospitality and healthcare and many more worldwide. It is designed to perfectly match SpinetiX range of digital signage players to optimize reliability and network security. Elementi 2017 Flyer

Elementi. No.1 Digital Signage Software. 2017 Release.

250 Widgets.

And Counting.

2017 release of Elementi comes with ready-to-use widgets such as social media, events, hours, QR code, way finding, menus and so much more. They are now fully integrated with widely used Microsoft Online (Excel, Outlook, OneDrive) as a perfect digital signage data source. There are now 250 widgets in total included, and they all have one thing in common – they help transforming free, easily available, and accessible data into secure and professional digital signage. Explore Widgets.

250 Widgets. And Counting.

3 shades of blue.

Any user. Any project.

Elementi feature the same intuitive interface that makes content creation easy, but also any custom widget creation possible. 2017 release of Elementi, as its predecessors, comes in 3 different license types to ideally match the user skills from novice to expert, and intended use from simple update to advanced digital signage concept creation.

3 shades of blue. Any user. Any project.

Quick Guides.

Free Support Wiki.

We have created many support pages to show you an easy and fast way of getting your projects done. We also have quick guides both for Elementi and Widgets to present the very gist of it. And if you need more technical info, there is an extensive Support Wiki.

Download and try.
Free for 30 days.

Download and experience in action the fully featured Elementi for 30 days. We strongly recommend upgrading to 2017 release to keep up with the latest features and never compromise the security of your digital signage installation. As always, at the time we launch the new version of Elementi, a brand new version of Firmware becomes available to you. Our Firmware is available in 12 languages, and is free of charge. Download Now