SpinetiX ARYA
Our cloud-based visual communication solution.

SpinetiX ARYA is a new cloud-based visual communication solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It's made to get you noticed, bring passers-by to your business and turn them into your best customers. SpinetiX ARYA allows you to set spectacularly visual messages on your display in minutes with your photos, videos, logo, and color code.



The N°1 digital signage software.

Elementi is our simple yet powerful digital signage software.

Deliver a visually rich experience to any combination of screens across all your networks. With Elementi, you can create high impact projects including video walls, interactive kiosks and live streaming video. You are always a click away from previewing your digital signage project in full screen and from publishing it directly on all your HMPs.




elementi widgets flying out of laptop

Elementi comes in 20 languages and with 250+ professional and secure widgets that automatically bring data from your everyday tools to the screen, drastically reducing content production costs.

Elementi works in parallel with the built-in web interface of HMP300 and HMP350. This enables you to seamlessly delegate content creation between external agencies and your own creative team. You can quickly add and authorize user roles on the web interface allowing your team to schedule content prepared externally in Elementi, as well as to quickly design and add their own content, using nothing but the interface.


Web interface and apps.

spinetix hmp player web interface showing screen content


We have embedded in all our players a ready to use web interface that makes it simple to create and schedule your content from any web browser. This multilingual interface is powered by specialized apps that give you control over live feeds, messages, media, text, dates and clocks… without recurrent fees!



code image digital signage security

Our commitment to security.

We at SpinetiX strongly believe in secure and reliable digital signage.

We packed for you our advice and insights on security in a valuable first-step resource to help you better evaluate your current or future installation.