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Excellence with Q‑SYS

A Shared Vision 
for the Future of Digital Signage


As a proud member of the Q‑SYS Technology Program, SpinetiX is advancing digital signage by streamlining the process of programmatic content integration. SpinetiX and Q‑SYS work together to leverage control systems and devices to trigger content on display via the cloud in smart corporate, educational, hospitality, public environments and beyond.



First CMS Integrated with Q-SYS 
for Unlimited Integrations


The Q-SYS certified SpinetiX plugin allows for more integrated and programmable content management within SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS, opening a vast range of applications and possibilities, especially in alert management and content automation enabled by sensors in near real-time. SpinetiX ARYA is the first CMS to benefit from a certified Q-SYS plugin.

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Developed for SpinetiX by ControlDesign.



The possibilities with this Q-SYS-certified plugin are limitless, opening a vast range of applications and use-case scenarios:

  • Corporate Environments: Enhancing communication within smart office spaces with automated alerts and updates.
  • Educational Institutions and Public Spaces: Improving campus safety and communication with real-time alerts and updates, contributing to smart city and safe campus initiatives.
  • Hospitality: Offering guests a personalized experience with automated welcome messages and information in smart guest service environments.

See it in Action 


Watch George Preston, VP of Sales North America at SpinetiX, demonstrate the certified SpinetiX ARYA Q-SYS plugin in action at the InfoComm 2024 show in Las Vegas. See how it integrates with an interactive slot machine, with content driven by SpinetiX ARYA CMS and activated by a touch-display button.

With Q-SYS, possibilities are endless!




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