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Push the limits of data-driven digital communication.


Unleash the power of your data.

With the new Elementi, you have even more opportunities to put data-driven signage at the core of your digital communication.



unleash your data with elementi digital signage software


The N°1 digital signage software for a reason.

Media, calendars, spreadsheets, social feeds... the new Elementi allows you to connect even more data from your everyday tools and securely bring engaging content on display.

Choose any of the 250+ widgets included and in any combination.



Share workplace ideas freely.

Microsoft Yammer.

Better engage your employees.

The new Elementi Yammer widgets help you enable and nurture an open modern culture through employee dialogue: a true breeding ground for innovation.
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Excel graphs and SharePoint lists.

Make trends even more visible.

You can now seamlessly integrate your SharePoint lists and Excel graphs on your displays. This helps you share more of your data in a meaningful way with just the right audience.
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Microsoft PowerApps.

Control screen content from anywhere.

Use easy to set-up high productivity apps to control your digital signage from anywhere and from any device.



Google Drive.

Bring in more of your images and videos.

Along with Google Calendar and Google Sheets, Elementi now securely connects to Google Drive. This means you have even more flexibility to visually engage with the right stakeholders.



Bring public spaces to a new level of smart.


Deliver immersive digital signage from A to Z.

Empower your visitors on site with the right tools. Now even more Interactivity widgets help you get feedback and provide wayfinding with added useful information.
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Greater integration with third-party content services.


Even more ways to captivate your audience.

In the true open-source spirit of Elementi, the new version integrates with more data sources and more third-party content services like weather, finance, news, traffic... This brings you an unmatched flexibility to captivate your audience.
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