spinetix elementi facebook widget in retail setting

Bridging the gap between the digital and the real world.

Facebook dominates the online world. 79% of people who use the internet are logged into Facebook. But how do you leverage your online social media efforts in the real world, where business happens?

Digital signage is a new data-driven communication channel that bridges the gap between the physical and the digital. It is omnipresent and builds on top of your social media endeavors by allowing you to display dynamic content on a bright screen that is engaging to the passerby.  Learn more...

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Digital signage and social media.
A match like no other.

facebook fans at point-of-purchase

Digital signage makes social media an integral part of the on-site experience you bring to your customers. Combining digital signage with social media helps you:

  • Build brand awareness online and at the same time influence customer behavior at point-of-purchase.
  • Generate high-impact content that auto updates without the need for a dedicated content-creation team.
  • Easily maintain consistent cross-channel customer experience using your everyday tools.  Learn more...

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Harness the power of social.
Elementi Facebook widgets.

elementi facebook widgets used at a coffee shop

We know that Facebook is a powerful and easy-to-use marketing tool for business. With that in mind, we developed a set of professional-grade Facebook widgets cleverly customized to benefit your bottom line at point-of-purchase.

The widgets – all included in our software Elementi right from the start – securely connect to Facebook and are purposely built for digital signage, bringing out the best of your social media content to any number and combination of screens. The result: connecting social media content that auto-updates and helps engage with your Facebook fans.   Learn more...

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Limitless applications.

use of spinetix digital signage solution for retail with the elementi facebook widgets

Promote your products on-site
by using your Facebook page.

As a retailer, you already employ Facebook as a tool to promote items to your Facebook fans. Once they are in your store, use the opportunity to close the deal by reminding them about the promotion and showing the post from your page on an in-store screen.  Benefits include...

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elementi facebook widget displaying promotional posts from facebook fan page
  • Branding your business as modern, fun and connected.
  • Creating trust by engaging in consistent cross-channel messaging.
  • Saving on content creation resources.
  • Nurturing community spirit while promoting your products and services.
  • Connecting with your fans and turning them into paying customers.  Learn more...

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spinetix elementi calendar widget connected to facebook events

Inform and guide visitors
with Facebook Events.

Use Facebook Events to empower people in the real world at your event or festival. You benefit by:

  • Promoting your event online while at the same time showing your on-site visitors what matters to them.
  • Displaying engaging and useful real-world guidance by employing Facebook's easy event creation tool.
  • Streamlining event management by using your Facebook account as a single publishing location.  Learn more...

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facebook widget used in a coffee shop

Showcase daily specials
by posting on Facebook.

Draw the attention of your customers by showing them what they want on an animated bright screen. Benefits include:

  • Professional-looking and up-to-date content sourced directly from your Facebook account.
  • Reduced perceived waiting time by engaging with customers while queuing.  Learn more...

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real estate agency window screen

Source engaging media content
directly from Facebook.

Use your Facebook page as a media source for your real-estate window displays to inform your customers in an engaging way. Benefits include:

  • Automatically turn your Facebook posts to engaging and informative photo slideshows that anyone can maintain. 
  • Posting your property ads on Facebook makes them easy to find and share.  Learn more...

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Step 1: Get Elementi.

Click on the Download button below.

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Step 2: Open Elementi.

On the main window, click on the "Widgets" tab.

elementi main window widgets tab

Step 3: Pick a widget.

Scroll down and open the "Facebook" folder.

widget folders in elementi

Step 4: Put it on display.

View additional tips by visiting our Wiki.

elementi facebook widget on a welcome screen at a coffee shop
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